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Master Student Study Skills Preparation

Master Student Study Skills

Powerful and effective classes intended to foster positive changes in student learning which can lead to improved student performance and persistence. By learning how to learn, students discover their most effective learning styles, replace ineffective study habits with more productive learning strategies and thereby develop techniques through participation which may be personally adapted and applied to college and high school courses. Hundreds of tactics and strategies are available to students. The key is to use them, modify them and implement new processes with commitment and action. Students with successful academic histories have praised the techniques.

  • Gregorc Mind StyleTM Assessment
  • Test-taking tactics
  • Muscle reading
  • Critical thinking
  • Overcoming test anxiety

  • Memory strategies
  • Time management
  • Essay writing
  • Organization
  • Avoiding procrastination

One-on-one preparation is the best preparation!

One-on-one Master Student training for students is available. Please contact Learning Power at 860-674-0502.

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